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Eva Almer

Why me:
✔️Personal coaching sessions
✔️Reaching career goals with a focus on the result and confidence
✔️Business problem-solving using your inner potential
✔️Group freewriting challenges to uncover your skills
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Elisar Khattab

Why me:
- clear understanding where you stand at as a professional in the country & in the industry
- mastered job search techniques
- skills to adjust your CV
- understanding of your career goals (short & longterm)
- clarity on how different companies from different countries conduct their business 

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Zeynab Fatullayeva

Why me:
Plan your life as a project manager, improve communication skills, podcasting - Tuesday Talks in LinkedIn, mentoring international students, organising Hackathon
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Leila Bourdayeme

Why me:
CV writing, Job Interview Prep, Market positioning abroad, Getting unstuck in life, Analysis of strengths, Career orientation, 
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Olga Sokolova, MA, Cultural Scholar, International Career Consultant

Why me:
  • Identify companies where you are better than an average local candidate
  • Get more invitations to interviews with less effort
  • Beat impostor syndrom (job interviews, salary negotiations, networking)
  • Get psychological support, coaching and cultural orientation
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Maja Krištafor

Why me:
Maja will help you optimize your LinkedIn profile and create a personal brand on the platform so you could network, and land a job, clients or get funding. 
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Ricardo Guedes de Almeida

Why me:
Certificed Assessment Analyst, CV Writing, Linkedin analysis, Career projects.
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Why me:
Succesfull mentor with varios mentring platforms (NPS 9.67/10, CSAT 5.5/6), helping people transition to Project Management/Sales/Customer Service from other industries. Certified scrum master (PSM1) and Agile Team Facilitator (ICP-ATF)
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Michela Lafranconi

Why me:
  • CV expert for Sales, Customer Care, Engineering, Finance, Civil Engineering, Medical
  • changed 4 countries for work, speak 4 languages
  • writing not only CVs, but serious poetry
  • Ex. Zalando, Sixt, PokerStar
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Brian T

Why me:
▸ Auditing Competitive Landscape
▸ Positioning & Narrative
▸ Developing a Unique Visual Identity
▸ Clarifying the Brand Value Proposition
▸ Startup Story & Pitch Development
▸ Structuring the Ask

▸ Forecasting and Trend Analysis
▸ New Business Ideation & Innovation
▸ Business Model Analysis
▸ Clarifying North Star Metrics
▸ Strategic Roadmap Development
▸ Building a Sales Pipeline

▸ Cultivating Vision, Mission, & Values
▸ Entrepreneur Mindset
▸ Defining Impact
▸ Developing Stakeholder Empathy & Analysis 
▸ New Leadership Establishment
▸ Co-founder Conflict & Dynamics
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Why me:
Job market Poisoning, Personal Branding, Career Coaching and Interview Preps. 
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Thorsten Koenig

Why me:
Looking for a career development coach who can assist you in achieving your professional goals and achieving employment success? My services provide comprehensive support and direction throughout the entirety of the job search process.

My individualized and supportive approach begins with assisting you in creating a compelling CV and resume that highlights your talents and experience. I work closely with you to comprehend your unique requirements and objectives, and I provide feedback and direction that enables you to develop your self-assurance and interviewing skills.

You will be outfitted to confidently and successfully navigate the employment market with my assistance and expertise. I am committed to assisting you in achieving your professional goals, as evidenced by the numerous success stories of clients who have secured their dream positions and by my track record of success.

Choose my services for a highly effective and empowering coaching experience that will assist you in achieving your career objectives and maximizing your potential.
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Paul Atasiei

Why me:
General empowering and orientation, LinkedIn pimpin', personal and business branding, marketing strategy and solutions, fresh campaign ideas and life-orientation targeting.
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Sarone Du Toit

Why me:
European Market positioning, International positioning, interview coaching and preparation. Writing CVs and cover letters, helping you pivot your career
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Zsolt Berki

Why me:
I have almost 10 years in marketing. I have consult over 150 companies, I have mentored several business owners in marketing. I wrote a book about Instagram marketing in Hungary. I have led marketing teams in different types of businesses (fintech startup, e-commerce store, B2B industrial company etc.)
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Rute Silva

Why me:
CV & cover letter writing, job interview preparation, personal presentation preparation, strengths & weaknesses exploration, future vision and professional goals visioning and clarification, career selection support
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Jana Oetken

Why me:
Welcome to a journey of self-discovery and empowerment! As your coach, I am here to support you in reaching your career goals and unlocking your full potential. Whether you're looking to move abroad to advance in your current field, change careers, or simply explore new opportunities, I am committed to providing you with the tools, guidance and encouragement you need to achieve success. Together, we will create a personalized coaching plan that is tailored to your unique needs and goals. 
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