Frequently Asked Questions

Who is behind CV Abroad?

We are a group of individuals passionate about Diversity & Inclusion in a global corporate world. We believe it can make our world a more peaceful and inclusive place. The platform is founded by a Cultural Scientist and Social Psychologist Olga Sokolova and an IT Consultant and Software Architect Elshad Shirinov, a married couple with diverse cultural backgrounds from Berlin, Germany.

What is career consulting? Is it like recruiting?

International career consulting and coaching is a new profession that emerged because of the pressing talent shortage in the developed economies (like Germany, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, the UK, the US, Canada, etc.) happening due to the demographic situation – too many skilled people in the countries are retiring and there are not enough younger qualified workers to replace them. In order for the economies to sustain themselves and grow further hundreds of thousands of qualified international employees of all backgrounds are required every year. The main requirement is the knowledge of at least English on the B1 – B2 level. Local language is a plus.

Career consulting is not recruiting. Recruiters work for and in the interest of the company, we work for you and in your interest. We know how recruiters work, can apply coaching techniques, often work with us is as insight provoking as a therapy session. Our specialty is making you equipped for being professionally empowered, in demand and highly paid abroad.

How do you assess my career chances with certainty?

We rely on our knowledge of each market, our career helping experience and research of the current state of matters via open sources and the networks of the career helpers.

Do career consultants have an ethics code?

The ethics code of career consultants is similar to the one of coaches, psychological counselors and other helping professionals.

Are the vacancies, job boards and companies helpers recommend reliable and legit?

Yes, there is no sense for us recommending anything that won´t predictably work. You have control over whether you approve the deliverables or not.

What happens if I am not happy with my deliverables? Do I get my money back?

In case you are not happy with the deliverables and you couldn't reach an agreement with your career helper, we as CV Abroad Career Hub will open a dispute procedure and mediate a dispute between you and your career helper as described in the Terms and Conditions Document. Send us an E-Mail to with a link to your HubChat with a career helper (documentation based on which we conduct mediation) and a description of your problem with the deliverables. We then set a joint meeting with you and your career helper to reach an agreement. If this fails, we invite an external mediator, cost for which is being shared between all three parties. If your point is being proven right as a result of the mediation process, you get your money back.