Work with a career consultant towards your meaningful international career!

  • Career Path Search
  • Sustainable Career Strategy (IT, Tech and others)
  • Smooth relocation to the DACH (visas, apartment search, bank accounts, etc.)
Germany needs 260.000 international professionals annually.
Well managed diverse teams generate 19% more revenue.
33.000 IT positions in Germany remain unfilled every year.
3.000 IT positions remain unfilled in Austria due to talent shortage.

You need a consultation if…

  • You can't find a job in the DACH for a while already

  • You are an international graduate not sure where you´d like to work

  • You are self employed and want to work in Germany as a freelancer

  • You are not sure what your career chances in Germany, Austria or Switzerland are

  • You want to change your career

  • You want to relocate smoothly (visas, bank account, apartment search, kindergarten, school, etc.)

How it works?

  • 1

    You send us your questions per mail. Consultant estimates how much time it will take to help you. You set a time and a medium for a consultation (WhatsApp, Skype)

  • 2

    You get a detailed minute-by-minute agenda of your consultation 1 day ahead. No surprises.

  • 3

    After your talk with a consultant you get a resume of the answers in PDF

Here is what an agenda for a typical consultation looks like: SAMPLE You get it in PDF after the consultation.

Our Consultants

  • Olga Sokolova

    Olga helps with professional orientation in the DACH, career branding, job interview preparation and career strategy for creatives and “no-coding” IT professionals

  • Elshad Shirinov

    Elshad is a career strategist and consultant for engineers and tech people

  • Maria Lupandina

    Maria helps you with issues of relocation: paperwork and bureaucracy? bank accounts and insurances? apartment search in Germany? schools for kids? kindergarten?

  • Maria Turusova

    Maria (for Russian speakers only) helps you understand your professional strengths and weaknesses

How much it costs?

Prices vary from 40€ to 100€ per hour depending on the consultant and the number of hours needed to help you.

What results will you get?

  • Clear answers to your questions in PDF format

  • Well structured step by step instructions on what to do

  • Good feeling of “being sure”

They trusted us

  • Even if you think that you know it all, or you will be just fine on your own, they will surprise you with the level of details, a number of tips and the quality of advice, especially intercultural one. Their services are not cheap, but they are worth every cent. It is always a pleasure to work with professionals and that’s who CV Abroad are.

    Ulyana E.
    Award winning HR pro, Product Owner L&D, from Athens to Madrid
  • Jurek extracted so much information about my work experience that I wouldn't be able to conceive myself alone. An eye opener experience towards a more realistic self evaluation!

    Leonardo L.
    Full Stack Software Developer, from Portugal to Netherlands
  • Before starting to work with CV Abroad I showed my resume and cover letter to many of my German friends who found jobs. Several of them even work as recruiters, and my documents were also checked by the career center of my German university. Still, I didn't receive any interview invitations. CV Abroad completely changed it all! Within 2 months I submitted documents for 14 positions, and already have 6 invitations to job interviews. Great statistics for a Junior, right?

    Buma K.
    Junior Product Manager, recent graduate, Wiesbaden
  • I finally got a job exactly where I wanted to - Netflix! Dreams come true! Thanks for your professionalism, experience and expertise.

    Olga Y.
    Senior Content Strategist, from Russia to Berlin
  • I want to thank you again for the CV & Cover Letter. It really works! I already got an offer from Radio Free Europe, and am currently in the interview process with Accenture, Warner Media Group and Kantar. 4 invitations for interviews within 2 weeks!

    Julia M.
    Project Manager, Media Producer, Prague
  • I landed a job in the publishing house! I start in a week! Thank you so much!

    Anastasia B.
    Project Manager Publishing, from Australia to Berlin
  • Very happy to have consulted you and now got amazing results, I have recommended you to few friends and will keep doing it.

    Uzma I.
    Project Manager HR & SCRUM Coach
  • The CV is really great, thank you for your time, Jurek!

    Emin B.
    MBA, Buyer & Business Developer, Berlin
  • Elena K.
    Deputy CFO, Insurance/Reinsurance
  • I asked CV Abroad for help, when I found an open position in a well-known Berlin-based company. I assumed that the competition might be high, so I wanted to increase my chances to get to the interview. I asked them to correct my resume and make a professional cover letter. After the correction my resume looked much more professional with highlighted skills and experience. Moreover, it was done not only for the position but for my area in general. Apart for that, after I talked to Olga, I had a very detailed view of the communication strategy for an interview, which I did't have before. I am very satisfied with my work with CV Abroad. Thank you!

    Andrey Mikshta
    Product Manager (Resume and Cover letter)
  • Thank you for the service and your help with interview preparation. You really have a great and interesting product. Olga is very authentic. I liked that they asked about my goals and objectives before the very consultation.

    Dr. Dr. iur Olga R. Gulina
    analyst, director of Migration Policy Institute (Service, Interview coaching - CAR-Storytelling system)
  • Thank you very much for your time and the final resume. Thank you very much for the check-list and the manual. It was a big pleasure to work with You. Hence, I want to ask you help me with a cover letter.

    Diana O.
    Finance (Resume)
  • My feedback in 3 words: fast, high-quality and very effective.

    Wjatscheslaw R.
    Embedded Systems Developer
  • One does not simply help someone with a CV. But these guys can! First, they take it apart, then put it together such that the HR will be stunned. And this is just the beginning. There are also consultations and preparation of other documents. Thank you!

    Ilia S.
    Creative Director (2 Cannes Lions, Resume preparation)
  • Thank you very much for your time, you helped me a lot. My problem was my poor copywriting. I couldn´t clearly communicate who I am professionally. With the Doctoring I was able to see how to improve my resume and make it stand out. The review was very concrete and included typos, a suggestion of a brief summary at the beginning of the CV, an overview of good and bad features of my document. I was able to get rid of unnecessary descriptions, indicate my measurable achievements and got a clue of how to personalize the CV for each job announcement. Thank you again!

    Christian N.
    Engineer Cooling Technology (CV Doctoring)
  • I sincerely appreciate the detailed input you have provided! I will proceed to change my CV based on your comments.

    Noel F.
    .Net Lead Developer/IT Project Manager (СV Doctoring, IT Career Consultation)
  • I´m very thankful to CV Abroad´s team for a great resume! Also, I want to thank Olga for the support, useful insights, clear understanding of my goals and her flexibility during the online consultation. In the end the resume got well structured, logically organized and really one that “sells” my skills.

    Milana T.
    Corporate Innovation Manager/R&D, Oxford graduate (CV Preparation)
  • I would like to share my view of CV Abroad Company. I have already had some experience of writing motivation letters and resumes, anyway I was not really sure I did it correctly. So I decided to ask the company for help, in particular Olga and Elshad. That was a great service with individual approach (which is really difficult to find nowadays). I was glad to cooperate with such experts. If you don’t have any experience in writing motivation letters, or have any doubts about the structure, I recommend you CV Abroad services. I want to thank Olga and Elshad, and wish them growth and moving forward in their business. All the best!

    Almaz U.
    Chef (Resume and motivation letter for Ausbildung)
  • We sent 4 resumes to fintech positions on Sunday. And on Monday we already had a reply from this organization. Thank you, Olga! Thank you very much!(Resume)The LinkedIn page is just beautiful! We'll continue according to your recommendations. Thank you for the motivation and for the psychological support. I'm so glad, that a coincidental click took me to your profile on Instagram.(LinkedIn optimization)

    Raisa O.
  • My dream employer unexpectedly asked me to send him my resume. I was in a panic, I had not updated it for five years. I was so confused. I decided, that I needed professional help. And oh boy, was I right! I was amazed by the working speed: the next morning my resume was ready. The structure of my resume was changed, faceless position and responsibility descriptions have been adjusted. And just like that, the employer was interested in me. I'm happy for myself and others who decide to profit from this service. It's really worth it!

    Julia G.
    Media Manager (Resume)
  • Thank you so much! It was a pleasure to work with you!

    Kirill B.
    Mechanical Engineer
  • Thanks a lot for all your help and assistance with updating my CV. I finally found a dream job exactly at the company I wanted. Thanks for your professionalism, experience and expertise. Happy holidays!

    Olga Y.
    Communications Strategist (PhD)

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