Cosy in the Rocket: Define your calling & become a globally desired professional!

  • Discover your professional self
  • Learn your strengths
  • Be wanted globally
  • Secure your future proof career
Well managed diverse teams generate 19% more revenue.
Germany needs 260.000 international professionals annually.
33.000 IT positions in Germany remain unfilled every year.
3.000 IT positions remain unfilled in Austria due to talent shortage.

This program is for YOU, if…

  • You are planning a global career (at any age)
  • You want to make sure you'll land a fulfilling job after the graduation
  • You are tired of your current job, but not sure what else you could do
  • You are on parental leave & want to explore or enhance your professional self

They trusted us

  • Elena K.
    Deputy CFO, Insurance/Reinsurance
  • I have been living in Berlin for over a year, preparing to start my studies here. I already studied before (Medicine) and tried different professions. I have both "artistic" and "scientific" interests but wasn't sure what to study to get a sense of purpose and make good money. First, we figured out my strengths and values. I got my list of professions currently in demand in the German market with descriptions of job realities for them in Germany, possible employers, language requirements and the future possibilities for professional development. I also got exact recommendations on how to start moving in the direction of UI/UX Design in my case in terms of education. I sincerely recommend The New Start Program to anyone.

    Natia I.
    Language School Student
  • My feedback in 3 words: fast, high-quality and very effective.

    Wjatscheslaw R.
    Embedded Systems Developer
  • Thank you so much! It was a pleasure to work with you!

    Kirill B.
    Mechanical Engineer

3 Blocks – 3 months – 1.5 hours per week

32 video lessons - 12 homeworks - detailed individual feedback of the coaches


    Answers questions:

    • What are your natural strengths, weaknesses to work on and your purpose in life? Psychometric tests will help us clarify.
    • What are the potential careers currently in demand, suitable for your individual psychology?
    • What is the reality of those jobs and career paths in Europe?
    • How can you get rid of beliefs that limit your professional growth?


    • Deep understanding of who you really are and what you can give to the world
    • Clear vision of areas where you can apply your strengths, be happy and earn well
    • A career plan for the next 5-7 years

  • Block 2 STRATEGY

    Answers questions:

    • How to enter the European market without mistakes? How to become a credible professional?
    • Where to study? Should you study at all? Do you need any international certifications? Is Ausbildung (vocational training) something for you?
    • Is becoming self-employed the right move for you?
    • How to conduct informational interviews with experienced professionals in Europe?


    • List of steps that lead to your dream career
    • Visas, education, starting a side hustle, networking - all questions will be answered
    • A ready to implement timeline with milestones


    Answers questions:

    • What are transferable skills? Do I have them?
    • How to network at job fairs online and how to use Linkedin to your advantage?
    • How to navigate the job market in Europe? How to get invitations to the interviews and pass them successfully?


    • Strategically written CV, Cover Letter and well articulated career branding strategy
    • New professional identity that gives you a sense of purpose and a self esteem boost for your further moves in Europe
    • Templates & advice for CVs, Cover Letters, LinkedIn, Xing
    • Answering strategies for the job Interviews in Europe


    12 Downloads: LinkedIn Guide & Templates CV & CL Templates
    1 h consultation with us after the program is finished. Schedule as soon as you need it!

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