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You are an international person ready for your next career step in the DACH but…

  • You don't know where to start

    You recently graduated or want to relocate for work from another country. But everything looks confusing!

  • You get invited to interviews, but no offers follow

    “Why? Why? Why?” - you think

  • You get no invitations to job interviews

    Your CV does not sell your skills, your LinkedIn doesn't work as it should

  • Job turns out to be not exactly right

    You want to make sure that the next one will be more fulfilling

Meet the founder

Well managed diverse teams generate 19% more revenue.
Germany needs 260.000 international professionals annually.
33.000 IT positions in Germany remain unfilled every year.
3.000 IT positions remain unfilled in Austria due to talent shortage.

Why seek help?

  • Germanic market is special

    Requirements in different regions are not the same. No way to learn these specifics on your own

  • International professionals face career challenges

    How to "translate" the experience from the market you have been working in into skills and competencies wanted in the DACH?

  • Internet is full of contradictions

    CVs, Cover Letters, Job Interviews, Relocation, ...
    Reliable sources are in German only - the uncertainty is exhausting

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CVs & Cover Letters

Templates and documents that get you job interviews! Written for your specific needs.Learn more

LinkedIn & XING Doctoring

Detailed written improvement suggestions for your CVs, Cover Letters, LinkedIn or Xing profiles.Learn more

Job Interview Prep

No need to be nervous if you are well prepared! Record answers to common interview questions and get feedback.Learn more


How to find a great job without investing months? How to get paid more? What skills to learn? How to organize relocation for work?Learn more

Video Course “International Career in the DACH and beyond”

Learn from career coaches, hiring managers, HRs and recruiters. A step by step program, that leads you to results.Learn more

Recruiting Platform

We bring together top-notch international professionals and companies that value diversity.Learn more

Why us?

  • Multidisciplinary one stop shop

    Our career consultants have background in IT & Tech, HR & Recruiting, Marketing & Communications, Education & Nonprofit

  • Intercultural

    Coming from different countries we speak 8 languages & are skilled in cross-cultural communication

  • Proven track record

    Our clients get jobs. Altogether we have over 30 years of experience in the Germanic market

  • Clear path to results

    We like our work with you to be organized very transparently

How it works?

We already helped

  • Elena Kaya
    Deputy CFO, Insurance/Reinsurance
  • I asked CV Abroad for help, when I found an open position in a well-known Berlin-based company. I assumed that the competition might be high, so I wanted to increase my chances to get to the interview. I asked them to correct my resume and make a professional cover letter. After the correction my resume looked much more professional with highlighted skills and experience. Moreover, it was done not only for the position but for my area in general. Apart for that, after I talked to Olga, I had a very detailed view of the communication strategy for an interview, which I did't have before. I am very satisfied with my work with CV Abroad. Thank you!

    Andrey Mikshta
    Product Manager (Resume and Cover letter)
  • Thank you for the service and your help with interview preparation. You really have a great and interesting product. Olga is very authentic. I liked that they asked about my goals and objectives before the very consultation.

    Dr. Dr. iur Olga R. Gulina
    analyst, director of Migration Policy Institute (Service, Interview coaching - CAR-Storytelling system)
  • Thank you very much for your time and the final resume. Thank you very much for the check-list and the manual. It was a big pleasure to work with You. Hence, I want to ask you help me with a cover letter.

    Diana Osnos
    Finance (Resume)
  • My feedback in 3 words: fast, high-quality and very effective.

    Wjatscheslaw Rein
    Embedded Systems Developer (CV-doctoring)
  • One does not simply help someone with a CV. But these guys can! First, they take it apart, then put it together such that the HR will be stunned. And this is just the beginning. There are also consultations and preparation of other documents. Thank you!

    Ilia Stark
    Creative Director (2 Cannes Lions, Resume preparation)
  • Working with you was a pleasure!

    Elena Skuryatina
    Product Manager FinTech, Vice President CitiBank (CV Preparation)
  • Thank you very much for your time, you helped me a lot. My problem was my poor copywriting. I couldn´t clearly communicate who I am professionally. With the Doctoring I was able to see how to improve my resume and make it stand out. The review was very concrete and included typos, a suggestion of a brief summary at the beginning of the CV, an overview of good and bad features of my document. I was able to get rid of unnecessary descriptions, indicate my measurable achievements and got a clue of how to personalize the CV for each job announcement. Thank you again!

    Christian Nunez
    Engineer Cooling Technology (CV Doctoring)
  • I sincerely appreciate the detailed input you have provided! I will proceed to change my CV based on your comments.

    Noel Fernandez
    .Net Lead Developer/IT Project Manager (СV Doctoring, IT Career Consultation)
  • I´m very thankful to CV Abroad´s team for a great resume! Also, I want to thank Olga for the support, useful insights, clear understanding of my goals and her flexibility during the online consultation. In the end the resume got well structured, logically organized and really one that “sells” my skills.

    Milana Trepetova
    Corporate Innovation Manager/R&D, Oxford graduate (CV Preparation)
  • I would like to share my view of CV Abroad Company. I have already had some experience of writing motivation letters and resumes, anyway I was not really sure I did it correctly. So I decided to ask the company for help, in particular Olga and Elshad. That was a great service with individual approach (which is really difficult to find nowadays). I was glad to cooperate with such experts. If you don’t have any experience in writing motivation letters, or have any doubts about the structure, I recommend you CV Abroad services. I want to thank Olga and Elshad, and wish them growth and moving forward in their business. All the best!

    Almaz Ulanov
    Chef (Resume and motivation letter for Ausbildung)
  • We sent 4 resumes to fintech positions on Sunday. And on Monday we already had a reply from this organization. Thank you, Olga! Thank you very much!(Resume)The LinkedIn page is just beautiful! We'll continue according to your recommendations. Thank you for the motivation and for the psychological support. I'm so glad, that a coincidental click took me to your profile on Instagram.(LinkedIn optimization)

    Raisa Ovchinnikova
  • My dream employer unexpectedly asked me to send him my resume. I was in a panic, I had not updated it for five years. I was so confused. I decided, that I needed professional help. And oh boy, was I right! I was amazed by the working speed: the next morning my resume was ready. The structure of my resume was changed, faceless position and responsibility descriptions have been adjusted. And just like that, the employer was interested in me. I'm happy for myself and others who decide to profit from this service. It's really worth it!

    Julia Grineva
    Media Manager (Resume)
  • Thank you so much! It was a pleasure to work with you!

    Kirill Baranovsky
    mechanical engineer (Resume and Cover letter)

Our Team

  • Olga Sokolova

    Olga is a career and communication coach for non-engineers. Cultural scientist (BA,MA) and a CIPD certified HR professional, Olga helps you tell the right story about yourself and your professional mission. 12 years in Germany.

  • Elshad Shirinov

    Elshad is a former CTO, hiring manager and IT consultant for diverse industries. He gives wise career advice in the field of IT and Engineering. 25 years in Germany, 15 years of working experience for startups, Mittelstand and corporations.

  • Maria Lupandina

    Maria is a relocation wizard and translator. Since 2016 she helps companies with visas for expats, apartment search and communication with German officials.

  • Jurek Rosenhagen

    Jurek is a specialist in international career branding. He's German, but works with the whole world. Interested in different cultures, Jurek writes brilliant texts.